Smart Classroom Project Updates - September


From 2021.09.28-30, online technical training sessions for the technical team - 5 personnel - from Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST), Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, were conducted by the 4 team members of UNESCO-ICHEI and CreateView. The training sessions were the first-ever technical training for MUST technicians after successfully deploying the hardware, configuring the software applications and connecting all the devices. In these technical training sessions, team MUST was given the overview of hardware, the details of equipment's connection, the functions of different devices, the navigation of software options, etc.

The technical instructions were provided in unhurried and gradual manners, since we wanted team MUST to get accustomed with the team from China and also to fully absorb the overwhelming pieces of technical information during the training. Also, it was in slower-pace due to team MUST being inexperience in having the remote technical guidance of Smart Classroom solution, some glitches faced by internet connectivity, language and communication limitations, number of people involved in the training, etc.

In the coming days, the next rounds of technical training will be revolving around the comprehensive hands-on practice with the devices, troubleshooting of the equipment, modifying of the settings according to the actual classroom needs and as required by the teachers. These exercises will be more intense, error-prone, laborious and time-consuming since team MUST will be dealing and experiencing very practical situations as of in real classroom. The last modules will be for teachers to guide them on the usage of Smart Classroom components.